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"The Peregrine Prophecy," by Darren T. Patrick. Save 67% on this epic fantasy!

Save $2 today on Darren T. Patrick's "The Peregrine Prophecy." This highly-rated fantasy adventure is the second in the Rithhek Cage trilogy.

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The Peregrine Prophecy (The Rithhek Cage Trilogy: Book 2), by Darren T. Patrick
Price: $2.99 $0.99 (save 67%)
282 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 13 reviews

"Patrick delivers with great characters, fully developed and totally involved in their world... Not many writers can do that as effectively as he does." -- Amazon reviewer

"I would unquestionably recommend this book to all fantasy fans out there" -- Amazon reviewer

"The story itself was well-written and executed, bringing Tholann's sights and smells to life." -- Amazon reviewer

"It packs a lot of punches and has great pace - you won't want to put it down." -- Amazon reviewer

It’s been almost two months since Karsen Morgate fled Aystin, and he’s still running for his life. Colored with loss, death and betrayal, his journey has intersected with the nefarious Shroud and the deadly Fashwei, an ancient martial brotherhood trained in stealth and brutality.

With danger at every turn, Karsen does the only thing he knows to do: he keeps going. He still carries the Cloudstone carving bestowed upon him by Adept Noxyn, and is determined to deliver it to Adept Ghyre as he promised. The only problem is that Adept Ghyre is nowhere to be found—if he even still lives.

As Karsen slowly puts the pieces together, he comes to realize that his mission is more intricately tied up with the history of Tholann than he ever could have imagined—and more shockingly, it somehow involves the disappearance of his sister, Elysse, six years earlier. For it appears that Karsen himself is playing a central role in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, one that will bring him face to face with an unimaginably powerful evil, and lead him to the greatest mystery of them all:

The Rithhek Cage.

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Meet the Author

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Darren grew up as most Winnipeggers do--surviving bone-chilling winters and mosquito-infested summers. Looking back now, he wouldn't change a thing.

Darren attributes his passion for reading to his mother, who handed him his first fantasy fiction paperback at age twelve and told him that 'he'd like it'; and his passion for writing to his father, who spent countless hours with him in front of a clunky word processor and told him that 'he'd get it'. Turns out, some twenty-five years later, they were right.

Darren lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife Laura, their son Nolan and their dog Gallagher. When he isn't writing, Darren enjoys hiking with his young family, playing tennis when he can get a game in, and catching up on his reading when everyone else in the house has gone to sleep.

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